Chinese Dumpling – Fried Wontons and How to Fold Them Perfectly

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Thai fried wontons

Chinese cooking requires more hand skills than other cooking methods, especially when making dumplings. Fried wonton is one of the hardest ones since you need to fold them carefully and make the wontons sealed perfectly before frying. In this post, I will show you some of my favorite wonton folding techniques so that you can dazzle your family and friends with your perfect hand skills.

In fact, if you know more than 1 way to fold the wontons, you can absolutely modify your wontons and make them tastier since the way you fold wontons affect the quality of your products. Before practicing, make sure you have prepared enough filling as well as bought enough wonton wrappers to fold all of them.

Fried wontons

Now let’s get started with some small tips and tricks before going to the main part.

Tips and Tricks When Folding Wontons

  • Don’t uncover the wrappers under wrap: while wrapping, you should keep the wrappers covered. You should prepare tea towels to cover up the completed wontons as well as unused wrappers. In some cookbooks, people are advised to lay the wrappers out on a baking sheet, then put the filling in the middle of the wrapper and fold it. This might be similar to the way we bake. However, it is such a bad way to wrap wontons because of several reasons. First of all, the wrappers dry very quick. That’s the reason why you have to keep the moist right after unpacking. Secondly, you can only use one wrapper at a time so it would not be good for the others if you lay all of them out. That would make the quality of later wontons be worsened. The wrappers should be kept moist all the time even with the completed wontons.
  • The size of filling: Big wontons aren’t your goal. The wontons you need are the one with the proper amount of filling inside the skin. Don’t try to put too much filling inside since the wrapper can’t hold all of it inside. In addition, when boiling or frying wontons, the seal can’t be strong enough to hold too much filling inside. That’s the reason why we should only put a considerate amount of filling so as to ensure the products to be firm and tasty. According to my experience, the best amount of filling inside a wonton is about 1 teaspoon heap. Don’t try to stuff more inside.

Wonton Folding Styles

In fact, China is not the only country which has wonton, but it is definitely the hometown of it. That’s the reason why we should get started from the traditional one and move on to other styles. I hope with these instructions; you can fold it easily without making any troubles. If you can’t understand anything, you can search for folding videos on YouTube and mimic the steps. Don’t hurry, you are practicing.

  • Wonton ravioli: This style is quite simple, even for You use 2 pieces of wrappers for this folding style so you should prepare enough wrappers to use for all the amount of filling. First of all, put 2 pieces of wrappers on a clean cutting board so that the edges don’t meet each other. Then put the filling in the middle press gently on the top to remove air inside. Finally, use water to seal the wonton edges. You won’t want any air inside your wontons because when frying, the air will expand and burst out.

Wonton folding

  • Samosa style: This is the best style for deep frying since the edges will be crispy and crunchy as we fry the wontons. To fold the wonton, place a wrapper on a cutting board, then place the filling in the middle. The next part you need to do is pick a corner up and fold the wrapper in half to form a triangle and finally seal the wonton by pressing the edges. You can fold it with your hands if you can control the wrappers, it would be faster.
  • Twisting samosa style: Similar to traditional samosa style, you have to fold the wrapper to form a triangle, but after that, remember to hold the opposite sides of the triangle and put them together. The middle will be sealed tightly and form a twist at the end. This might be quite difficult at first, but the result would be really worth trying.

Thai fried wontons

  • Taiwan style: as I mentioned, China is not the only country that has wontons. Other Asian countries have their own style in folding and cooking this type of dumpling, so I want to introduce you to one of them. If you want to fold your wontons Taiwan style, you should practice harder since it’s such a challenging task for people who haven’t folded wontons before. To do this style, you put a wrapper on the cutting board as usual, then place the filling in the middle. Then, try to form a narrow rectangular shape with your filling. After that, fold the corner over the filling and fold again to cover it completely. Don’t forget to remove all the air inside while folding. Leave a corner free and flatten the wrapper ends. Use the water to seal after pulling the corners together and pressing to remove the remaining air once again. You should look for a guide for this folding style and watch more videos to find out how to make the best Taiwan style wontons.

Folding wontons is very fun, especially when you make them with your family members. It’s such a good way to teach your kids how to cook as well as cement the family relationship. It’s also the meaning of cooking together in special occasions in China and other countries in Asia. In fact, there are more than 10 styles of wonton folding that you can find out later if you want to. Enjoy making and eating these cute and tasty dumplings!