How to Make Fried Wontons without Wasting Too Much Time

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Fried wontons for dinner

According to Chinese people, fried wontons are one of the most common and easiest dishes that are often made for the family on special occasions. The delicious accent of this Chinese food can wake up the craving for foods of even people being fastidious about foods and drinks. However, choosing the ingredients and the cooking method have to be precise so as to make the wontons crispy and tasty without being too dry or too greasy.

Wontons are often eaten along or use with types of sauce. Sometimes they are used as a garnish for salads or vegetable dishes.

In this article, I will show you some simple steps that you should know when making wontons for the first time. Remember to take the steps slowly and carefully so as to keep them in mind and don’t have to do things over and over.

Fried wontons for dinner

Choosing The Ingredients

The first thing you have to care about is the wonton wrappers. These wrappers will decide the crispiness and other factors of the fried wontons. That’s why we have to choose the best wonton wrappers to make best wontons before frying them.

There are 2 main ways to have wonton wrappers. If you don’t have time to prepare the wrappers by raw ingredients, you can always buy them at grocery stores or supermarkets near your house since this is a common product. However, the quality of the wrappers such as the thickness of the components can’t be as good as you want. Therefore, if you have time in the kitchen (weekends maybe), you should make the wrappers yourself.

To make wonton wrappers, we are going to need flour, eggs, salt, and water. Use your hands to for a mixture of those ingredients. Don’t worry if you can’t decide the right ratio to make the wrappers thick and good enough. It is still good to make wontons and you can try other times.

After preparing the wonton wrappers, we should have the oil for frying. There are plenty of choices for you do put into consideration, but I strongly suggest using the corn oil to fry the wontons. It would be the best type of oil because it can make the wontons look yellow and crispy.

Now let’s get started and cook fried wontons together!

Step by Step For Great Dish

  • First of all, the oil must be heating by pouring in the pan and use the fire to warm it up. Normally, the oil will be heated well under the temperatures more than 160-degree When the pan is heated as well as the oil inside, there would be small smoke and oil bubbles on the surface of the oil.

Making Deep - fried wontons

  • After preheating the oil, it’s time to fry the wontons. The wonton should be made and sealed carefully before frying so as not to break the inside as well as make them cooked well both sides. Drop the wontons gently into the oil, don’t drop it too high or else the oil would be split Don’t fry for too long, the shell of the wontons might be dry and tough. Fry them until you see the golden brown color on both sides
  • Drain the wontons so as to remove the excessive amount of oil out of your dish. You can place them on a paper towel so the oil can be drained off faster. The wontons would continue to cook themselves for a short period of time after removing from the pan, so don’t worry if you take them out a little sooner. After draining, place them on a clean plate and serve with sauce. They can be eaten hot or cool depend on your favor.

Take Attentions

While making wontons, there are some notes that you should keep in mind so as to make your wontons more beautiful and tastier. You should pay attention to these small tips and tricks because making wontons are very easy, but making really good ones is not easy at all.

  • If you can’t make wonton wrappers in time, you can make it from the night before and keep them frozen. The wrappers can be stored in stacks and kept in the fridge without worrying stacking or being ruined. All you need to do is adding cornstarch between layers so as to avoid them being stacked and stuck to each other.

Wonton dipping sauce

  • The best size for wonton wrappers is 15” x 10”. The pieces would be enough to eat, not too big or too small. There are many shapes for you to choose from, but the best one is a rectangle. It would be easier for you to wrap the filling inside without breaking the wrapper.
  • When frying the wontons, try to flip the sides occasionally so as to cook both sides. Don’t go anywhere for too long since you don’t want them to be overcooked. The key to making best wontons is controlling the heat and the time.
  • Knowing the oil temperature can help you estimating the frying time when making wontons. Basically, this step would be more than thirty seconds, maybe longer depending on the amount of oil and its temperature.
  • There are many types of sauce to eat with fried wontons, you should know at least two of them to change the flavors as well as make your dish tastier. In fact, if you don’t know how to make wonton sauce, you can eat them alone or use catch – up or chili sauce instead. However, using Chinese recipes for sauce are the best to feel total Chinese flavor.

Fried wonton is one of the best dishes in China. It represents the Chinese cuisine culture as well as the way Chinese people do with simple ingredients and recipes. In fact, if you want to discover more foods like this, please pay a visit to our site about Chinese street foods and traditional foods. You can indulge in the world of real culinary once entering our site. Enjoy!