How to Prepare Wonton Wrappers At Home?

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Delicious Fried wontons

Fried wontons are delicious and flavorful, you can never guess what’s inside a wonton till the first bite. That’s why this dish is different from other cuisines in Chinese culinary. In fact, you can do wontons yourself at home without having to buy too many ingredients. Enjoy the fried wontons with your family right now with the instruction of the best wonton masters!

Wonton is easy to make and very fast as well. That’s the reason why Chinese family members often make theses foods together so as to have more time chatting with each other. In stages when making wontons, the most important part is making wonton wrappers. It decides the quality of your products. In this post, I will show you how to make wrappers at home. It is quite simple and you can make lots of these wrappers to store and save for special occasions.

Wonton wrappers

Why Wonton Wrappers?

You might know wonton wrappers through fried wontons, but do you know how many types of dishes that can be made with this ingredient? In many dishes such as egg roll, dumpling or wonton, this is the coat holding a flavorful world of ingredient inside. It might be cabbage with pork stuffed carefully and smell attractive when fried golden brown. Sometimes it is the creamy filling of crab rangoon. It would be such a mistake if you don’t know how to use this wonton wrapper to make beautiful and delicious cuisines for your family.

You can easily buy the wonton wrappers in the produce section of any grocery store near your house. However, sometimes the wrappers are too thin to use in some particular dishes and not all of them can satisfy your demand about thickness or frying quality. Actually, there is another way to have them in your house – go to the kitchen and do it yourself. It would be much easier than you thought.

The wrappers are made from the basic type of dough that you can buy anywhere with a cheap price. You don’t have to change the type of dough for different cuisines such as wonton, dumpling, egg roll or gyoza. They share the same coating dough, but you have to notice the size and the shape. Wontons need smaller wrappers while egg rolls require bigger ones. The shape which is perfect for making these types of food is square or round. Sometimes rectangle is acceptable. Using the dough is the main technique for you to master when making wonton wrappers.

Wonton Wrappers – Roll and Roll

The dough is not that hard to roll since it is quite tender. The rolling pin is used to flatten the dough, but it’s gonna be a little bit challenging for you to control it correctly. Try to use the force of your arms evenly so that your products will be perfect. The dough should be rolled at both sides, so you should switch side each 5 to 10 strokes. Don’t overdo anything since the components inside can’t be mixed together evenly.

Delicious Fried wontons

There is a problem with the roller is that sometimes the dough would stick to the surface of the table or the rolling pin. It would be such an annoying problem, you can have them covered with a tea towel so that the dough would be less sticky and you can roll it as flat as you want. You should leave the towel there for about 5 minutes so as to relax the gluten then continue with your rolling. You can see the dough like a big muscle and you are trying to flatten it. It would not be easy and you have to give it a rest so it can stretch out as you want. Don’t push it too hard.

If you have a pasta roller, things would be easy as cake. You should use that type of rolling pin it is designed to make the base of pizza and therefore it can help you flatten your dough easily.

Can We Use Flour?

Many people think that they can use flour to avoid the sticking problems between the dough and the counter surface. Well, in other cases it can be a good solution, but not with wonton wrappers.

The reason is because of the flour. It can help you to unstuck the dough, but the extra amount can ruin your products. The wonton wrappers need to be thin, but the flour would make them tough and gummy. That’s the reason why we have to find a replacement.

Luckily, we can find the cornstalk as the best thing to replace for flour. Cornstarch is the perfect barrier when rolling and it doesn’t change the structure of the wrappers.

Wonton Wrappers Freezing

These wrappers can be used immediately after rolling. You can stuff them right away and fry with oil to make instant dishes. However, if you are going to make lots of them in one time, you can store them for later uses.

If you don’t know how to stack these wrappers, they might stick to each other after a certain amount of time. So as to solve this problem, don’t forget the benefit of cornstarch. Before stacking a layer, dust the cornstarch between so as to avoid the layers being stuck.

Normally, the wrappers can be stored for 2 to 3 months under favorable conditions. Before using, you shut pull them out of the fridge for a night.

Wonton wrappers are very useful when you want to make foods such as wonton, egg roll or gyoza. That’s the reason why you should know how to do it yourself and store some stacks in your kitchen. Sometimes if you want to have a delicious Chinese cuisine for your family, remember the fried wontons as one of the easiest cuisines with tasty flavors. If you have other questions or want to take a look at Chinese food culture, come to my page and it won’t disappoint you at all.