Wontons and Some Must – Have Experiences

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Golden brown wontons

People all over the world know about China as the country of enormous size, wonderful and colorful culture, especially foods and drinks. Chinese cuisine varies by its location, people and other cultural factors. That’s the reason why the cuisines in Chinese might take you years to discover just a small part. Among the most well – known dishes, wonton is the type of dumpling that should be tasted once arriving in China. Your food trips won’t be completed without having some wontons as an appetizer. Similar to other dishes that are influenced by the food culture of China, we can see that wontons can be cooked in many ways with plenty of colors and flavors. Now let’s have a look at this interesting dish of Chinese!

Basically, wontons are dumplings in savory form. They are often boiled to make soup. Wonton soup is considered one of the most common soup in 4 seasons in China. You can buy this type of soup anywhere without having to pay much money. Wonton soup is eaten by everybody in this country no matter they are rich or poor. The difference between the quality of wontons lies in the filling of them. With people who just want to eat wontons as a snack, the stuffing would be less in meat and more in the vegetable. In occasions such as Lunar New Year, the wonton soups are made with a various type of filling to make a little surprise for family members.

Wonton with dipping sauce

Apart from being placed in the soup to make wonton soup, the wontons can be deep fried to make snacks. This is a delicious type of snack that you might want to enjoy when traveling through Chinese streets. Deep fry wontons are Americanized rather than its traditional way of cooking though the flavor is still kept perfectly. You won’t see these fried wontons in Chinese restaurants since it is used regularly as an appetizer for dinner parties.

What Are Wontons?

In Chinese, the dishes, and the foods has their own meaning and there is no reason wontons don’t have their name with a special meaning. Wonton in Chinese means “swallowing cloud”. It is not only because of its name but also the shape of this food. Wontons in the soup bowl are similar to clouds floating in the sky. Wontons can be used daily as the main dish in a meal in China and often are prepared by the whole family. Family members often make the filling and the wonton wrappers together, that’s why Chinese often make them more on special occasions when the whole family is at home together. This is a simple snack imbued with Chinese culture of family tradition.

Making the wontons in the kitchen requires the whole family members gathering around the kitchen. Each person does a particular task and completes a large number of wontons ready to be fried or boiled to make wonton soup. In New Year’s Eve, wontons are made to welcome the first comer to the house as a gift of luck and wealth.

Wonton party

Wonton is the unique feature of Chinese cuisine, but it is passed to other cultures because of the migration of Chinese people to other regions all over the world. In those countries, the cooking methods, as well as the filling ingredients, are often changed according to the climate and conditions to fit the flavor of that culture. However, if you really want to find out the original taste of wontons, there’s nothing else you can do except traveling to China and have a bite of traditional wontons. The variety of wontons in China is the best experience that you should know about your culinary road. The differences in fillings of wontons can’t be forgotten to mention since it is the best feature of this dumpling type.

Fillings Variety of Wontons

The basic ingredients of wonton fillings are pork, vegetables, and seafood, but the more you know about wonton, the more differences you will know. It can be modified better to make flavorful wontons that are suitable for different types of an eater as well as create an evolution for this simple traditional dish.

Golden brown wontons

Wontons made by traditional recipe are quite simple since there are not too many ingredients to prepare, but the harmony inside of the filling is undeniable and flavorsome. A perfect wonton is the one with the best pork combining with other spices such as pepper, onion, and ginger. It creates a unique flavor inside your mouth that you can’t stop after biting once.

There are more than one additional ingredients that you should know inside a wonton to make its flavor better. They are very easy to buy as well as use in cooking. You might have heard about soy sauce, wine, and sesame oil. They are all considered basic liquid used to boost up the flavors in Eastern food culture. Other styles of wontons nowadays include other types of meat in the filling such as shrimp, chicken, prawn, and beef. Other types of vegetables and milk products such as cheese and pumpkin are tested to make the taste different and more colorful. However, the traditional wontons are still the best to eat in China since its filling is the best combination with the climate and the culture here.

In addition, the shapes of wontons are also varying because of the beauty requirements. You can create your own shape or use the traditional one, but remember to seal the wontons neatly so as not to let the oil or the water in when boiling or frying.

Wontons can be found anywhere not only in China but also worldwide. However, mentioning wontons we have to admit that this is the beauty of Chinese food culture that gains popularity all over the world. To find out more about the recipes of wontons and how to make them tasty, go to our site about dumplings. You can follow the recipes to have a tasty Chinese dinner for your family. Good luck and have fun cooking!