Fried Wontons And Some Steps to Make Fried Wontons Properly

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Enjoying wonton soup

The cuisine world is always the great topic when we want to talk about. It is very simple because the cuisine demands are very important in this life. Moreover, each country on over the world will have the different methods to cook. From there, it will create the new taste for food when enjoying. Surely, we have a lot of foods to discuss. But this writing will mention the fried wontons. I guess that many people eat this food. Even, the fried wonton is the favorite foods of some people. Do you know to make it at home? If you do not have any experience about the fried wonton I will introduce some information relating to this. In addition, I also share step by step to make the fried wonton. In fact, there are the variety ways but you need to make it properly. Making the fried wontons in the right way will bring a lot of benefits. They include to save your time too much, to follow the basic rules to make the fried wontons, and to get the good taste with the right methods.

Fried wontons

Some General Information about The Wontons

Wonton looks like a type of the dumpling. Many people said that the wonton was derived from in Chinese cuisines. To make a wonton, the makers must prepare a lot of types of foods. They are flour, egg, water, salt, oil…… a square wrapper is made from flour, egg, salt, and water. It has a small size as our palm. We will put a little filling part at the middle before sealing your wonton.

Actually, when enjoying the wonton you will see the variety shapes of the wontons. This will depend on the makers who seal the wonton. They will make the different wrappers and create the different edge of the wrapper for the wonton. On the other hands, the sealing process is also very important to keep the wholeness of the wontons during cooking or frying.

Beyond that, you can store the raw wonton on the fridge carefully for the next meal. We can have a wonton soup or the fried wonton. It is easy to cook for a delicious dish.

Enjoying wonton soup

Step by Step to Make The Fried Wontons

You will save a lot of time when you have some steps to make the fried wontons properly. You need to remember some following steps:

1. Step 1: Preparing The Material for Wontons

Basing on how many people will eat the wontons which you will prepare the material suitably. Normally, the makers will choose the pork. You can choose other meat as your favorite. Especially, it is very necessary to have all sauce. They will help your wonton become more delicious and attractive.

2. Step 2: Making The Filling And The Wrapper

After having all ingredients, you will start to make the filling. It is not complex what you think. Here is a suggestion for you:

  • Firstly, you will combine the pork with other seasonings such as sesame oil, wine, soy sauce, chopped scallions, oil, sugar, pepper, and water.
  • Then, you should mix all of them in a big bowl with your hands. It takes you about 5 minutes to process. At that time, the pork becomes like powder.

To make the wrapper, you should add a teaspoon of filling. This will ensure that your wontons can cover the filling part. Therefore, while cooking the wontons do not open because of changing the temperature. Moreover, you can use your fingers to adjust the edges carefully. You can read more great methods with the following instructions:

  • You will fold the wrapper into a rectangle. You have two sides each other. And it looks a firm seal.
  • Then, you keep the bottom of the rectangle. At that same time, you will bring two corners together. During this process, you can use a little water to enhance its stick.

3. Step 3: Storing The Wontons in The Right Way

Actually, you can begin to fry the wontons. In the case, you make a lot of wontons. And you can not eat all once. It is better to store the wontons in the right way. You can put them in the plastic box which it has the locking lid or the Ziploc bag before putting in the fridge. This will help your wonton keep in some months later.

4. Making The Fried Wontons

The fried wontons

In this stage, it is easier. However, many people want to use the good pot to fry. Even, some people use their best rice cooker to fry the wontons. They think the wontons will be more delicious. It is a wrong thought. You should use a small pot to conserve oil. The deep pot is better. You will heat the oil about 350 degrees. After that, you put some wontons and fry them until they have the golden brown.

Additionally, you should use the slotted spoon to ensure all wontons cooked evenly. In the cases, there are a lot of wontons to fry. You must divide into many times. Before enjoying the fried wontons, you should prepare the sauce in a small bowl. Sometimes, you can make some types of the sauces with the respective ingredients. I am sure that you will feel more delicious.

In summary, the wontons are the popular disk of many people. You do not only eat them in the different ways such as soup or fried wontons. Besides, you can use for the breakfast, lunch, and the dinner. Generally, this food is also very convenient for your family. If you have the wontons in the fridge you just take some minutes to have the fried wontons. I believe that you will get more knowledge about the wontons when reading this article. Also, you know how to make the fried wontons in the right way. It is not difficult to do. You can make the fried wontons at home properly. I hope that this information is really useful things for your cuisine world.