Wonton Wrappers – 10 Surprising Bites for Your

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The gorgeous crackers

It is certain that you will be surprised by the variety of wonton wrappers. It is not too complicated, but you can quickly keep a pack in your fridge to treat your relatives or friends anytime. Plus, the flavor is option – savory or sweet.

10 Creative Wonton Wrappers You Can Do

  1. Parmesan Wonton Crackers

The gorgeous crackers

Exactly, it is not difficult to make the parmesan wonton crackers. Those who enjoy the salty flavor cannot ignore them. Besides, they are very addictive. It is noticed that you will not take a lot of time to process ~ no more half an hour. Its color is gorgeous. In the afternoon, if there are these hot crackers, it will be great, right?

  1. Lasagna Cupcakes

A colorful cupcake

It can say that cupcakes are now coming in a variety of the sizes and shapes. Yes, we want to say to lasagna cupcakes. Similar to the classic lasagna, this lasagna also includes the ingredients such as meat, pasta, and cheese. Frequently, when looking at lasagna, they seem like a gooey mess. Nonetheless, it will look refined and elegant when being in cupcakes. Being utilized like the pasta ingredient, wonton wrappers will make you get rid the nightmare of the size of the pasta noodle cupcake.

  1. Mozzarella and Basil Bites

A delicious dish

Simply, only with one word, there is delicious. Mozzarella and basil bites are an ideal food to serve for your family and friends on the weekend. It is complicated a bit in comparison with the grilled cheese. You will need to soak, and dip the bread into egg and flour in order to get a good look. And then, it adds a little basil. Yummy, what a great it is! Yes, there is a great combination.

  1. Parsley Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

Rich in vitamins

Thanks to having wonton wrappers, you have an ideal replacement for homemade pasta. Correspondingly, on the weekend, these tasty ravioli may be whipped up. Using the flat-leaf parsley – Italian parsley, they bring the robust tastes compared to the curly kind. Aside from that, parsley is rich in vitamins, particularly, A, C, and K. That’s why it is widely utilized, specifically, this recipe – parsley ravioli with brown butter sauce.

  1. Baked Samosas

An impressive dessert

If you want to create an impression with someone through the foods. So, it’ here – an appetizer is simple, but its look is impressive – samosa wontons. To avoid starting the meal with a full-of-grease mouth, these wontons are not fried. Exactly, it is baked in the best toaster oven, microwave,… The potato is mashed. Pea is filled with Madras curry paste, which is common in most supermarkets. Let’s fill them before refrigerating unless the wontons are baked before, then freezing after that. Whatever you apply any way, it makes sure that you will also have a hit for a delicious meal.

  1. Manti (Turkish Dumplings)

A camp food

With a little-filled meat, this dumpling is considered as a hearty Turkish cuisine. Thanks to nomads, Manti has become popular in a wide way. They can carry it long distances without worrying about spoilage. Only steaming again, it will have a camp food.

For the modern Manti, it is filled with meat, along with pumpkin. Ideally, it lets serve with hadari and sprinkle a little sumac. Sumacs are shrubs and have the red fruits like a bunch. Frequently, they are dried and utilized like a spice so as to increase a soothing taste for your dishes.

  1. Taco Cupcakes

Opening a conversation

You have known Lasagna Cupcakes, right? Well, Taco is another new cupcake, even, it is dominant in comparison with Lasagna Cupcakes. Are you ready to go your pasta in a wonton wrapper? Well, it is certain that you cannot ignore this taco.

The first, it uses the cupcake tin to place a wonton wrapper. Then, the next will be a bean-fried layer. You can choose to utilize your preferred kind. Continuously, there is the madness layer, including, chips, taco meat, cheese, and fried beans. You make the same layer with these ingredients. Basically, taco cupcakes are a good option to begin a conversation, a party, or any meal in a day.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

cupcake with the blue-frosting cheese

Right now, let’s try to make a cupcake with the blue-frosting cheese. By utilizing buffalo chicken dip of SIL to fill your cupcakes. The texture is been off after the bread pockets are filled with buffalo. Don’t forget the wonton wrappers! Crisping up the outside of them like a chip, a chewier texture is among. Greatly, it has a dinner like that – buffalo chicken cupcakes.

  1. Brown Butter Rum Cannoli

A creative cannoli

Looking at here, you let forget the cookie cannoli. It’s high time to practice a new recipe – brown butter rum cannoli. Yes, everything will be different since you use wonton wrappers, which bring another option. Of course, between cookie cannoli and this cannoli is not similar. Although the wonton wrappers of cookie cannoli are thinner, crisper, and even crunchier, they are easy to wreak havoc. On the contrary, these butter cannoli are taste well and considered as a shortcut of cannoli.

  1. Baked Banana, Chocolate & Strawberry Wontons

A dessert for holidays

Yes, there is also an ideal dessert for holidays, especially, Valentine’s Day. Based on the inspiration of the same recipe – the baked banana wontons, these wontons bring a new look – sweeter. Those who enjoy strawberry or banana want to do this baked banana, chocolate and strawberry wonton right away. There is an entirely new version. Taking the holiday themed, adding chocolate and strawberry will look nicer.

All these wonton wrappers are not difficult to do. Their recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparations. You want to organize a party, prepare to welcome a new guest, or treat your relatives and friends, don’t you? Well, this article is to spend for you. It hopes that you will have a delicious. Happy cooking enjoy!