Wonton – The Amazing Cuisine From China

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The art of wontons

Have you ever heard of wontons? You know, the crispy things with tender stuff inside that make us feel so comfortable each bite. The wontons are first made from China and some other countries from South East Asia. This dish is imbued with the high quality of technique as well as the way ingredients are combined. So as to make a good wonton, there are several types of cooking methods such as baking to make crispy wontons for desserts or appetizers, boiling for the soup, or grilling to make something different replacing the cookies. Each cooking method needs to be learned carefully so as to make the best wonton either in Chinese traditional way or new European way.

Below is one of the best recipes about wonton that I have found out lately. I hope you guys have bought the best gas grills because we are going to need that for such a good grilled wonton dish. Now let’s get started!

Grilled Cream Cheese Wontons

If you are looking for a great appetizer to replace the soups and salads, this should be on your list. It’s really easy to make even for beginners. The requirements of this dish are that the wontons should be savory and spicy and crispy.

Grilled wontons


  • Wonton skins (hand – made or pre – made): 1 package
  • Cheese: 8oz.
  • Jalapeño: 2
  • Chives: 3 tablespoons
  • Oil (vegetable or olive oil): 2 tablespoon
  • Spices: Salt, pepper


  • Slice and dice the jalapeños as you want. Let your appetite decide how much you would want to add in the cuisine. if you think this ingredient is too spicy, try to remove the seeds and the membrane.
  • Mix the chunks with chive and cream cheese.
  • Add the spices (salt and pepper) but not too much to create a good mixture.
  • Use the wonton wrappers as the coat for the mixture. You can wrap them traditionally. However, if you don’t know how to wrap them, all you need to do is put the stuff inside and make a flat coat of wonton outside. Remember to make the wontons as flat as possible by removing the air inside.
  • Use cold water to seal the wrappers and brush the oil on the surface of your products.
  • Place the wrapped wontons on a hot Flip the wontons once you see the mark of the grill on the wonton wrappers. The hot fire will grill the wonton very fast so you might don’t want to go somewhere or do something else will cooking this dish.
  • Place the wontons on the dish and decorate with herbs and cheese. It would be served best when hot with sour and sweet sauce. Some people will love using this wonton dish with ginger dipping sauce.

Note: these are just guiding steps for people who haven’t made this cuisine before. If you are familiar with grilled or fried wontons, things would be very easy and you can think of something else to make this recipe better. It’s up to your choice, and your creativity.

So what are your questions about wontons? I’m pretty sure that this recipe is never enough for you to actually get acquainted with something new. Here are some tips for preparing and cooking wontons that you might know:

Wrapping wontons

  1. What Can I Do To Avoid Messing Up?

Well, making the stuff for the wontons is such a difficult and time – consuming work since you have to prepare so many things at once. But don’t panic since they can be done very neatly and won’t be such a mess.

  • First of all, to ensure the good flavor, you should choose ingredients from Asian. Don’t forget the large mixing bowl as well.
  • Then, mix all the ingredients with the ground meat inside the large mixing bowl. Make sure you don’t forget to put anything on. The last one must be the corn flour to make the mixture sticky. Then prepare 4 to 5 smaller bowls and fill them with the mixture.
  • Using hands would be easier for you to mix things up instead of using other kitchen tools. Try to keep the meat fiber untouched. After that, place the mixtures inside the fridge for about 1 hour, sealed. The mixture would be firm and easier to form later.
  1. Prepare The Space For Wrapping
  • The first thing you should prepare is a small bowl of water to seal the edges of the wonton skins after filling them with the stuff.
  • Prepare the strays and a knife to place the wonton and separate them if they stick up accidentally.
  • Another thing you should prepare is a small towel to wipe the flour and anything spilled off the bowls and the stray.

With the wrappers, don’t spread them all out. Just keep them inside the package and use a few at a time. The wonton skins are likely to be dried after making contact with the outer environment, so you should cover up the package with a wet tea towel to keep them moist.

The art of wontons

  1. How To Serve Wontons?

Normally, there are two ways to serve wontons: use with soup or serve on a platter. You can choose whatever to fit your whole menu since they can be an appetizer, main course or dessert. However, you should count the time neatly so that they can be served hot and fresh.

The good thing is that wontons can be combined with so many types of vegetables and sauces to make amazing flavors and decorations. That’s one of the advantages of using Asian food culture in your cooking.

As you can see, using wontons is not a task of a challenge. In fact, they can bring so many surprises to your customers. So what are you waiting for? Head to the supermarket and get some ingredients for the best wonton dishes made by you! If you need some information or recipes about wontons, have a quick drop – into my website about wontons and Chinese cuisines. It would be very amazing and mouth – watering.