Cooking Tools In Chinese Food Culture

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Chinese food culture

Eastern countries have their way of cooking with so many flavorful and amazing dishes, and one of the most important food cultures we have to mention is the Chinese cuisines. It is so surprising to know that each region of China has its way to make the same type of food. For example, the same type of noodle can be mixed and cooked with different cooking methods and combine with a variety of spices and herbs. Nevertheless, their set of cooking tool is amazing to see, and some of them are quite complicated.

Chinese food culture

The first thing a chef in China has to remember is the five main flavors of Chinese dishes, how to cultivate them in a dish and of course how to make use of the cooking appliances correctly. In this post, I will show you some basic cooking tools from this country and some instructions about their usage so that you will have a brief look about them.

#1. Slow Cooker

You might be familiar with the slow cooker, but you might not use it quite well since there are not many things to do with this type of kitchen appliance. However, in China, the slow cooker is very important since there is a large number of ingredients can be slow cooked for a good combination of vegetables and rice. If you are a person who is very keen on learning and doing Chinese dishes, the best slow cooker is a must – have in your kitchen. Below is an example of slow cooked dish from China:

Slow Cooked Chinese Hacked Pork


  • Herbs and spices: garlic, ginger, pepper, red chili, Chinese five – spice powder
  • Sauces: honey, hoisin sauce, chicken broth
  • Meat: boneless pork roast
  • Flour cornstarch


  • Mix the sauces and the spices together in a large bowl, then add the pork in and mix them well. Keep the meat in the fridge for 12 hours.
  • Place the pork in the slow cooker and cook over high heat for 4 hours.
  • Remove the pork from the slow cook and place it on the dish. Then cook the liquid to make the sauce for the pork.
  • Serve with fried or stir – fried noodles.

Chinese slow cooker

#2. Rice Cooker

Like other Asian countries, rice plays an important part in most of the cuisines. It can be used as a part of the dish or eat separately. That is the reason why the rice cooker is also the thing you might want to buy right after the slow cooker. In fact, you can easily find one near where you live. The secret is the type of rice you use. Try to make a good choice before making it since each type of rice is suitable for some certain dishes, not all of them.

If you want to know more about rice and how to make use of the rice cooker for different types of Chinese cuisines, visit my blog for more since I will mention this problem somewhere else in the future.

#3. Deep Fry Tools

Cast iron pan is also a must have in the kitchen. It is not from Chinese, but it might be a good kitchen appliance if you want to make a good Chinese dish. In fact, if you want to make good traditional fried dishes from China, it is an essential cooking tool since there are several cuisines need to be fried such as wonton, chicken, pork and fish. Moreover, with the help of the cast iron pan, the flavor of the original ingredients can be kept while frying and the spices can be so much more flavorful.

Chinese deep fried wontons

If you are a fan of fried wontons, you might need this kitchen tool so that every time you fry wontons, they would be crispy and perfect. It ensures that the temperature of the oil for deep fry is perfect and nothing goes wrong while you do the dishes.

Before this kitchen tool, people often tell each other about some experiences about checking the oil’s temperature. Some of them are like putting the chopsticks inside the oil or throw a potato in the oil… they might be true, but they are just estimations.

If you can buy a good product like the thermometer for deep frying, you can have the precise result, and everything would be so easy. The deep fried wontons would be one of the best Chinese cuisines you have ever made.

#4. Clay Pot

Talking about Chinese cuisines, we should not forget to mention the signature dish: wonton soup with herbs. To do it, the steamer and the clay pot are vital. The clay pot is the key to success if you want to cook dishes for winter such as soup, tofu, stews… Another amazing thing is that the pot can be used as the decoration as well. When you cook the food using the clay pot, it goes right from the stove to the table, and it fits perfectly well with the ceramic dishes and bowls.

There are so many recipes for you to practice cooking with this type of pot. Chicken, fish and mushrooms are the main recipes since the meat becomes tender and juicy and the flavor is kept inside the pot until the dishes are served.

In this post, I have shown you some basic kitchen tools that are required to make Chinese dishes. Some of them are not mentioned here such as the steamer, soup spoon or bamboo kitchenware. They are quite important as well since they are specially designed to do some special cooking skills. If you are a person who is passionate about cooking methods, especially from Eastern countries such as China, Thailand or Korea, my blog about the Asian food trips and recipes can be such a treasure. You can find so many tips, tricks and tutorials in videos and posts on that blog. I also made some small contests lately about Eastern cooking, so if you are interested, you can join. Have fun cooking!