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Cooking Tools In Chinese Food Culture

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Chinese food culture

Eastern countries have their way of cooking with so many flavorful and amazing dishes, and one of the most important food cultures we have to mention is the Chinese cuisines. It is so surprising to know that each region of China has its way to make the same type of food. For example, the same type of noodle can be mixed and cooked with different cooking methods and combine with a variety of spices and herbs. Nevertheless, their set of cooking tool is amazing to see, and some of them are quite complicated.

Chinese food culture

The first thing a chef in China has to remember is the five main flavors of Chinese dishes, how to cultivate them in a dish and of course how to make use of the cooking appliances correctly. In this post, I will show you some basic cooking tools from this country and some instructions about their usage so that you will have a brief look about them.

#1. Slow Cooker

You might be familiar with the slow cooker, but you might not use it quite well since there are not many things to do with this type of kitchen appliance. However, in China, the slow cooker is very important since there is a large number of ingredients can be slow cooked for a good combination of vegetables and rice. If you are a person who is very keen on learning and doing Chinese dishes, the best slow cooker is a must – have in your kitchen. Below is an example of slow cooked dish from China:

Slow Cooked Chinese Hacked Pork


  • Herbs and spices: garlic, ginger, pepper, red chili, Chinese five – spice powder
  • Sauces: honey, hoisin sauce, chicken broth
  • Meat: boneless pork roast
  • Flour cornstarch


  • Mix the sauces and the spices together in a large bowl, then add the pork in and mix them well. Keep the meat in the fridge for 12 hours.
  • Place the pork in the slow cooker and cook over high heat for 4 hours.
  • Remove the pork from the slow cook and place it on the dish. Then cook the liquid to make the sauce for the pork.
  • Serve with fried or stir – fried noodles.

Chinese slow cooker

#2. Rice Cooker

Like other Asian countries, rice plays an important part in most of the cuisines. It can be used as a part of the dish or eat separately. That is the reason why the rice cooker is also the thing you might want to buy right after the slow cooker. In fact, you can easily find one near where you live. The secret is the type of rice you use. Try to make a good choice before making it since each type of rice is suitable for some certain dishes, not all of them.

If you want to know more about rice and how to make use of the rice cooker for different types of Chinese cuisines, visit my blog for more since I will mention this problem somewhere else in the future.

#3. Deep Fry Tools

Cast iron pan is also a must have in the kitchen. It is not from Chinese, but it might be a good kitchen appliance if you want to make a good Chinese dish. In fact, if you want to make good traditional fried dishes from China, it is an essential cooking tool since there are several cuisines need to be fried such as wonton, chicken, pork and fish. Moreover, with the help of the cast iron pan, the flavor of the original ingredients can be kept while frying and the spices can be so much more flavorful.

Chinese deep fried wontons

If you are a fan of fried wontons, you might need this kitchen tool so that every time you fry wontons, they would be crispy and perfect. It ensures that the temperature of the oil for deep fry is perfect and nothing goes wrong while you do the dishes.

Before this kitchen tool, people often tell each other about some experiences about checking the oil’s temperature. Some of them are like putting the chopsticks inside the oil or throw a potato in the oil… they might be true, but they are just estimations.

If you can buy a good product like the thermometer for deep frying, you can have the precise result, and everything would be so easy. The deep fried wontons would be one of the best Chinese cuisines you have ever made.

#4. Clay Pot

Talking about Chinese cuisines, we should not forget to mention the signature dish: wonton soup with herbs. To do it, the steamer and the clay pot are vital. The clay pot is the key to success if you want to cook dishes for winter such as soup, tofu, stews… Another amazing thing is that the pot can be used as the decoration as well. When you cook the food using the clay pot, it goes right from the stove to the table, and it fits perfectly well with the ceramic dishes and bowls.

There are so many recipes for you to practice cooking with this type of pot. Chicken, fish and mushrooms are the main recipes since the meat becomes tender and juicy and the flavor is kept inside the pot until the dishes are served.

In this post, I have shown you some basic kitchen tools that are required to make Chinese dishes. Some of them are not mentioned here such as the steamer, soup spoon or bamboo kitchenware. They are quite important as well since they are specially designed to do some special cooking skills. If you are a person who is passionate about cooking methods, especially from Eastern countries such as China, Thailand or Korea, my blog about the Asian food trips and recipes can be such a treasure. You can find so many tips, tricks and tutorials in videos and posts on that blog. I also made some small contests lately about Eastern cooking, so if you are interested, you can join. Have fun cooking!

Wonton – The Amazing Cuisine From China

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The art of wontons

Have you ever heard of wontons? You know, the crispy things with tender stuff inside that make us feel so comfortable each bite. The wontons are first made from China and some other countries from South East Asia. This dish is imbued with the high quality of technique as well as the way ingredients are combined. So as to make a good wonton, there are several types of cooking methods such as baking to make crispy wontons for desserts or appetizers, boiling for the soup, or grilling to make something different replacing the cookies. Each cooking method needs to be learned carefully so as to make the best wonton either in Chinese traditional way or new European way.

Below is one of the best recipes about wonton that I have found out lately. I hope you guys have bought the best gas grills because we are going to need that for such a good grilled wonton dish. Now let’s get started!

Grilled Cream Cheese Wontons

If you are looking for a great appetizer to replace the soups and salads, this should be on your list. It’s really easy to make even for beginners. The requirements of this dish are that the wontons should be savory and spicy and crispy.

Grilled wontons


  • Wonton skins (hand – made or pre – made): 1 package
  • Cheese: 8oz.
  • Jalapeño: 2
  • Chives: 3 tablespoons
  • Oil (vegetable or olive oil): 2 tablespoon
  • Spices: Salt, pepper


  • Slice and dice the jalapeños as you want. Let your appetite decide how much you would want to add in the cuisine. if you think this ingredient is too spicy, try to remove the seeds and the membrane.
  • Mix the chunks with chive and cream cheese.
  • Add the spices (salt and pepper) but not too much to create a good mixture.
  • Use the wonton wrappers as the coat for the mixture. You can wrap them traditionally. However, if you don’t know how to wrap them, all you need to do is put the stuff inside and make a flat coat of wonton outside. Remember to make the wontons as flat as possible by removing the air inside.
  • Use cold water to seal the wrappers and brush the oil on the surface of your products.
  • Place the wrapped wontons on a hot Flip the wontons once you see the mark of the grill on the wonton wrappers. The hot fire will grill the wonton very fast so you might don’t want to go somewhere or do something else will cooking this dish.
  • Place the wontons on the dish and decorate with herbs and cheese. It would be served best when hot with sour and sweet sauce. Some people will love using this wonton dish with ginger dipping sauce.

Note: these are just guiding steps for people who haven’t made this cuisine before. If you are familiar with grilled or fried wontons, things would be very easy and you can think of something else to make this recipe better. It’s up to your choice, and your creativity.

So what are your questions about wontons? I’m pretty sure that this recipe is never enough for you to actually get acquainted with something new. Here are some tips for preparing and cooking wontons that you might know:

Wrapping wontons

  1. What Can I Do To Avoid Messing Up?

Well, making the stuff for the wontons is such a difficult and time – consuming work since you have to prepare so many things at once. But don’t panic since they can be done very neatly and won’t be such a mess.

  • First of all, to ensure the good flavor, you should choose ingredients from Asian. Don’t forget the large mixing bowl as well.
  • Then, mix all the ingredients with the ground meat inside the large mixing bowl. Make sure you don’t forget to put anything on. The last one must be the corn flour to make the mixture sticky. Then prepare 4 to 5 smaller bowls and fill them with the mixture.
  • Using hands would be easier for you to mix things up instead of using other kitchen tools. Try to keep the meat fiber untouched. After that, place the mixtures inside the fridge for about 1 hour, sealed. The mixture would be firm and easier to form later.
  1. Prepare The Space For Wrapping
  • The first thing you should prepare is a small bowl of water to seal the edges of the wonton skins after filling them with the stuff.
  • Prepare the strays and a knife to place the wonton and separate them if they stick up accidentally.
  • Another thing you should prepare is a small towel to wipe the flour and anything spilled off the bowls and the stray.

With the wrappers, don’t spread them all out. Just keep them inside the package and use a few at a time. The wonton skins are likely to be dried after making contact with the outer environment, so you should cover up the package with a wet tea towel to keep them moist.

The art of wontons

  1. How To Serve Wontons?

Normally, there are two ways to serve wontons: use with soup or serve on a platter. You can choose whatever to fit your whole menu since they can be an appetizer, main course or dessert. However, you should count the time neatly so that they can be served hot and fresh.

The good thing is that wontons can be combined with so many types of vegetables and sauces to make amazing flavors and decorations. That’s one of the advantages of using Asian food culture in your cooking.

As you can see, using wontons is not a task of a challenge. In fact, they can bring so many surprises to your customers. So what are you waiting for? Head to the supermarket and get some ingredients for the best wonton dishes made by you! If you need some information or recipes about wontons, have a quick drop – into my website about wontons and Chinese cuisines. It would be very amazing and mouth – watering.

Wonton Wrappers – 10 Surprising Bites for Your

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The gorgeous crackers

It is certain that you will be surprised by the variety of wonton wrappers. It is not too complicated, but you can quickly keep a pack in your fridge to treat your relatives or friends anytime. Plus, the flavor is option – savory or sweet.

10 Creative Wonton Wrappers You Can Do

  1. Parmesan Wonton Crackers

The gorgeous crackers

Exactly, it is not difficult to make the parmesan wonton crackers. Those who enjoy the salty flavor cannot ignore them. Besides, they are very addictive. It is noticed that you will not take a lot of time to process ~ no more half an hour. Its color is gorgeous. In the afternoon, if there are these hot crackers, it will be great, right?

  1. Lasagna Cupcakes

A colorful cupcake

It can say that cupcakes are now coming in a variety of the sizes and shapes. Yes, we want to say to lasagna cupcakes. Similar to the classic lasagna, this lasagna also includes the ingredients such as meat, pasta, and cheese. Frequently, when looking at lasagna, they seem like a gooey mess. Nonetheless, it will look refined and elegant when being in cupcakes. Being utilized like the pasta ingredient, wonton wrappers will make you get rid the nightmare of the size of the pasta noodle cupcake.

  1. Mozzarella and Basil Bites

A delicious dish

Simply, only with one word, there is delicious. Mozzarella and basil bites are an ideal food to serve for your family and friends on the weekend. It is complicated a bit in comparison with the grilled cheese. You will need to soak, and dip the bread into egg and flour in order to get a good look. And then, it adds a little basil. Yummy, what a great it is! Yes, there is a great combination.

  1. Parsley Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

Rich in vitamins

Thanks to having wonton wrappers, you have an ideal replacement for homemade pasta. Correspondingly, on the weekend, these tasty ravioli may be whipped up. Using the flat-leaf parsley – Italian parsley, they bring the robust tastes compared to the curly kind. Aside from that, parsley is rich in vitamins, particularly, A, C, and K. That’s why it is widely utilized, specifically, this recipe – parsley ravioli with brown butter sauce.

  1. Baked Samosas

An impressive dessert

If you want to create an impression with someone through the foods. So, it’ here – an appetizer is simple, but its look is impressive – samosa wontons. To avoid starting the meal with a full-of-grease mouth, these wontons are not fried. Exactly, it is baked in the best toaster oven, microwave,… The potato is mashed. Pea is filled with Madras curry paste, which is common in most supermarkets. Let’s fill them before refrigerating unless the wontons are baked before, then freezing after that. Whatever you apply any way, it makes sure that you will also have a hit for a delicious meal.

  1. Manti (Turkish Dumplings)

A camp food

With a little-filled meat, this dumpling is considered as a hearty Turkish cuisine. Thanks to nomads, Manti has become popular in a wide way. They can carry it long distances without worrying about spoilage. Only steaming again, it will have a camp food.

For the modern Manti, it is filled with meat, along with pumpkin. Ideally, it lets serve with hadari and sprinkle a little sumac. Sumacs are shrubs and have the red fruits like a bunch. Frequently, they are dried and utilized like a spice so as to increase a soothing taste for your dishes.

  1. Taco Cupcakes

Opening a conversation

You have known Lasagna Cupcakes, right? Well, Taco is another new cupcake, even, it is dominant in comparison with Lasagna Cupcakes. Are you ready to go your pasta in a wonton wrapper? Well, it is certain that you cannot ignore this taco.

The first, it uses the cupcake tin to place a wonton wrapper. Then, the next will be a bean-fried layer. You can choose to utilize your preferred kind. Continuously, there is the madness layer, including, chips, taco meat, cheese, and fried beans. You make the same layer with these ingredients. Basically, taco cupcakes are a good option to begin a conversation, a party, or any meal in a day.

  1. Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

cupcake with the blue-frosting cheese

Right now, let’s try to make a cupcake with the blue-frosting cheese. By utilizing buffalo chicken dip of SIL to fill your cupcakes. The texture is been off after the bread pockets are filled with buffalo. Don’t forget the wonton wrappers! Crisping up the outside of them like a chip, a chewier texture is among. Greatly, it has a dinner like that – buffalo chicken cupcakes.

  1. Brown Butter Rum Cannoli

A creative cannoli

Looking at here, you let forget the cookie cannoli. It’s high time to practice a new recipe – brown butter rum cannoli. Yes, everything will be different since you use wonton wrappers, which bring another option. Of course, between cookie cannoli and this cannoli is not similar. Although the wonton wrappers of cookie cannoli are thinner, crisper, and even crunchier, they are easy to wreak havoc. On the contrary, these butter cannoli are taste well and considered as a shortcut of cannoli.

  1. Baked Banana, Chocolate & Strawberry Wontons

A dessert for holidays

Yes, there is also an ideal dessert for holidays, especially, Valentine’s Day. Based on the inspiration of the same recipe – the baked banana wontons, these wontons bring a new look – sweeter. Those who enjoy strawberry or banana want to do this baked banana, chocolate and strawberry wonton right away. There is an entirely new version. Taking the holiday themed, adding chocolate and strawberry will look nicer.

All these wonton wrappers are not difficult to do. Their recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparations. You want to organize a party, prepare to welcome a new guest, or treat your relatives and friends, don’t you? Well, this article is to spend for you. It hopes that you will have a delicious. Happy cooking enjoy!

Fried Wontons And Some Steps to Make Fried Wontons Properly

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Enjoying wonton soup

The cuisine world is always the great topic when we want to talk about. It is very simple because the cuisine demands are very important in this life. Moreover, each country on over the world will have the different methods to cook. From there, it will create the new taste for food when enjoying. Surely, we have a lot of foods to discuss. But this writing will mention the fried wontons. I guess that many people eat this food. Even, the fried wonton is the favorite foods of some people. Do you know to make it at home? If you do not have any experience about the fried wonton I will introduce some information relating to this. In addition, I also share step by step to make the fried wonton. In fact, there are the variety ways but you need to make it properly. Making the fried wontons in the right way will bring a lot of benefits. They include to save your time too much, to follow the basic rules to make the fried wontons, and to get the good taste with the right methods.

Fried wontons

Some General Information about The Wontons

Wonton looks like a type of the dumpling. Many people said that the wonton was derived from in Chinese cuisines. To make a wonton, the makers must prepare a lot of types of foods. They are flour, egg, water, salt, oil…… a square wrapper is made from flour, egg, salt, and water. It has a small size as our palm. We will put a little filling part at the middle before sealing your wonton.

Actually, when enjoying the wonton you will see the variety shapes of the wontons. This will depend on the makers who seal the wonton. They will make the different wrappers and create the different edge of the wrapper for the wonton. On the other hands, the sealing process is also very important to keep the wholeness of the wontons during cooking or frying.

Beyond that, you can store the raw wonton on the fridge carefully for the next meal. We can have a wonton soup or the fried wonton. It is easy to cook for a delicious dish.

Enjoying wonton soup

Step by Step to Make The Fried Wontons

You will save a lot of time when you have some steps to make the fried wontons properly. You need to remember some following steps:

1. Step 1: Preparing The Material for Wontons

Basing on how many people will eat the wontons which you will prepare the material suitably. Normally, the makers will choose the pork. You can choose other meat as your favorite. Especially, it is very necessary to have all sauce. They will help your wonton become more delicious and attractive.

2. Step 2: Making The Filling And The Wrapper

After having all ingredients, you will start to make the filling. It is not complex what you think. Here is a suggestion for you:

  • Firstly, you will combine the pork with other seasonings such as sesame oil, wine, soy sauce, chopped scallions, oil, sugar, pepper, and water.
  • Then, you should mix all of them in a big bowl with your hands. It takes you about 5 minutes to process. At that time, the pork becomes like powder.

To make the wrapper, you should add a teaspoon of filling. This will ensure that your wontons can cover the filling part. Therefore, while cooking the wontons do not open because of changing the temperature. Moreover, you can use your fingers to adjust the edges carefully. You can read more great methods with the following instructions:

  • You will fold the wrapper into a rectangle. You have two sides each other. And it looks a firm seal.
  • Then, you keep the bottom of the rectangle. At that same time, you will bring two corners together. During this process, you can use a little water to enhance its stick.

3. Step 3: Storing The Wontons in The Right Way

Actually, you can begin to fry the wontons. In the case, you make a lot of wontons. And you can not eat all once. It is better to store the wontons in the right way. You can put them in the plastic box which it has the locking lid or the Ziploc bag before putting in the fridge. This will help your wonton keep in some months later.

4. Making The Fried Wontons

The fried wontons

In this stage, it is easier. However, many people want to use the good pot to fry. Even, some people use their best rice cooker to fry the wontons. They think the wontons will be more delicious. It is a wrong thought. You should use a small pot to conserve oil. The deep pot is better. You will heat the oil about 350 degrees. After that, you put some wontons and fry them until they have the golden brown.

Additionally, you should use the slotted spoon to ensure all wontons cooked evenly. In the cases, there are a lot of wontons to fry. You must divide into many times. Before enjoying the fried wontons, you should prepare the sauce in a small bowl. Sometimes, you can make some types of the sauces with the respective ingredients. I am sure that you will feel more delicious.

In summary, the wontons are the popular disk of many people. You do not only eat them in the different ways such as soup or fried wontons. Besides, you can use for the breakfast, lunch, and the dinner. Generally, this food is also very convenient for your family. If you have the wontons in the fridge you just take some minutes to have the fried wontons. I believe that you will get more knowledge about the wontons when reading this article. Also, you know how to make the fried wontons in the right way. It is not difficult to do. You can make the fried wontons at home properly. I hope that this information is really useful things for your cuisine world.

Wontons and Some Must – Have Experiences

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Golden brown wontons

People all over the world know about China as the country of enormous size, wonderful and colorful culture, especially foods and drinks. Chinese cuisine varies by its location, people and other cultural factors. That’s the reason why the cuisines in Chinese might take you years to discover just a small part. Among the most well – known dishes, wonton is the type of dumpling that should be tasted once arriving in China. Your food trips won’t be completed without having some wontons as an appetizer. Similar to other dishes that are influenced by the food culture of China, we can see that wontons can be cooked in many ways with plenty of colors and flavors. Now let’s have a look at this interesting dish of Chinese!

Basically, wontons are dumplings in savory form. They are often boiled to make soup. Wonton soup is considered one of the most common soup in 4 seasons in China. You can buy this type of soup anywhere without having to pay much money. Wonton soup is eaten by everybody in this country no matter they are rich or poor. The difference between the quality of wontons lies in the filling of them. With people who just want to eat wontons as a snack, the stuffing would be less in meat and more in the vegetable. In occasions such as Lunar New Year, the wonton soups are made with a various type of filling to make a little surprise for family members.

Wonton with dipping sauce

Apart from being placed in the soup to make wonton soup, the wontons can be deep fried to make snacks. This is a delicious type of snack that you might want to enjoy when traveling through Chinese streets. Deep fry wontons are Americanized rather than its traditional way of cooking though the flavor is still kept perfectly. You won’t see these fried wontons in Chinese restaurants since it is used regularly as an appetizer for dinner parties.

What Are Wontons?

In Chinese, the dishes, and the foods has their own meaning and there is no reason wontons don’t have their name with a special meaning. Wonton in Chinese means “swallowing cloud”. It is not only because of its name but also the shape of this food. Wontons in the soup bowl are similar to clouds floating in the sky. Wontons can be used daily as the main dish in a meal in China and often are prepared by the whole family. Family members often make the filling and the wonton wrappers together, that’s why Chinese often make them more on special occasions when the whole family is at home together. This is a simple snack imbued with Chinese culture of family tradition.

Making the wontons in the kitchen requires the whole family members gathering around the kitchen. Each person does a particular task and completes a large number of wontons ready to be fried or boiled to make wonton soup. In New Year’s Eve, wontons are made to welcome the first comer to the house as a gift of luck and wealth.

Wonton party

Wonton is the unique feature of Chinese cuisine, but it is passed to other cultures because of the migration of Chinese people to other regions all over the world. In those countries, the cooking methods, as well as the filling ingredients, are often changed according to the climate and conditions to fit the flavor of that culture. However, if you really want to find out the original taste of wontons, there’s nothing else you can do except traveling to China and have a bite of traditional wontons. The variety of wontons in China is the best experience that you should know about your culinary road. The differences in fillings of wontons can’t be forgotten to mention since it is the best feature of this dumpling type.

Fillings Variety of Wontons

The basic ingredients of wonton fillings are pork, vegetables, and seafood, but the more you know about wonton, the more differences you will know. It can be modified better to make flavorful wontons that are suitable for different types of an eater as well as create an evolution for this simple traditional dish.

Golden brown wontons

Wontons made by traditional recipe are quite simple since there are not too many ingredients to prepare, but the harmony inside of the filling is undeniable and flavorsome. A perfect wonton is the one with the best pork combining with other spices such as pepper, onion, and ginger. It creates a unique flavor inside your mouth that you can’t stop after biting once.

There are more than one additional ingredients that you should know inside a wonton to make its flavor better. They are very easy to buy as well as use in cooking. You might have heard about soy sauce, wine, and sesame oil. They are all considered basic liquid used to boost up the flavors in Eastern food culture. Other styles of wontons nowadays include other types of meat in the filling such as shrimp, chicken, prawn, and beef. Other types of vegetables and milk products such as cheese and pumpkin are tested to make the taste different and more colorful. However, the traditional wontons are still the best to eat in China since its filling is the best combination with the climate and the culture here.

In addition, the shapes of wontons are also varying because of the beauty requirements. You can create your own shape or use the traditional one, but remember to seal the wontons neatly so as not to let the oil or the water in when boiling or frying.

Wontons can be found anywhere not only in China but also worldwide. However, mentioning wontons we have to admit that this is the beauty of Chinese food culture that gains popularity all over the world. To find out more about the recipes of wontons and how to make them tasty, go to our site about dumplings. You can follow the recipes to have a tasty Chinese dinner for your family. Good luck and have fun cooking!

How to Prepare Wonton Wrappers At Home?

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Delicious Fried wontons

Fried wontons are delicious and flavorful, you can never guess what’s inside a wonton till the first bite. That’s why this dish is different from other cuisines in Chinese culinary. In fact, you can do wontons yourself at home without having to buy too many ingredients. Enjoy the fried wontons with your family right now with the instruction of the best wonton masters!

Wonton is easy to make and very fast as well. That’s the reason why Chinese family members often make theses foods together so as to have more time chatting with each other. In stages when making wontons, the most important part is making wonton wrappers. It decides the quality of your products. In this post, I will show you how to make wrappers at home. It is quite simple and you can make lots of these wrappers to store and save for special occasions.

Wonton wrappers

Why Wonton Wrappers?

You might know wonton wrappers through fried wontons, but do you know how many types of dishes that can be made with this ingredient? In many dishes such as egg roll, dumpling or wonton, this is the coat holding a flavorful world of ingredient inside. It might be cabbage with pork stuffed carefully and smell attractive when fried golden brown. Sometimes it is the creamy filling of crab rangoon. It would be such a mistake if you don’t know how to use this wonton wrapper to make beautiful and delicious cuisines for your family.

You can easily buy the wonton wrappers in the produce section of any grocery store near your house. However, sometimes the wrappers are too thin to use in some particular dishes and not all of them can satisfy your demand about thickness or frying quality. Actually, there is another way to have them in your house – go to the kitchen and do it yourself. It would be much easier than you thought.

The wrappers are made from the basic type of dough that you can buy anywhere with a cheap price. You don’t have to change the type of dough for different cuisines such as wonton, dumpling, egg roll or gyoza. They share the same coating dough, but you have to notice the size and the shape. Wontons need smaller wrappers while egg rolls require bigger ones. The shape which is perfect for making these types of food is square or round. Sometimes rectangle is acceptable. Using the dough is the main technique for you to master when making wonton wrappers.

Wonton Wrappers – Roll and Roll

The dough is not that hard to roll since it is quite tender. The rolling pin is used to flatten the dough, but it’s gonna be a little bit challenging for you to control it correctly. Try to use the force of your arms evenly so that your products will be perfect. The dough should be rolled at both sides, so you should switch side each 5 to 10 strokes. Don’t overdo anything since the components inside can’t be mixed together evenly.

Delicious Fried wontons

There is a problem with the roller is that sometimes the dough would stick to the surface of the table or the rolling pin. It would be such an annoying problem, you can have them covered with a tea towel so that the dough would be less sticky and you can roll it as flat as you want. You should leave the towel there for about 5 minutes so as to relax the gluten then continue with your rolling. You can see the dough like a big muscle and you are trying to flatten it. It would not be easy and you have to give it a rest so it can stretch out as you want. Don’t push it too hard.

If you have a pasta roller, things would be easy as cake. You should use that type of rolling pin it is designed to make the base of pizza and therefore it can help you flatten your dough easily.

Can We Use Flour?

Many people think that they can use flour to avoid the sticking problems between the dough and the counter surface. Well, in other cases it can be a good solution, but not with wonton wrappers.

The reason is because of the flour. It can help you to unstuck the dough, but the extra amount can ruin your products. The wonton wrappers need to be thin, but the flour would make them tough and gummy. That’s the reason why we have to find a replacement.

Luckily, we can find the cornstalk as the best thing to replace for flour. Cornstarch is the perfect barrier when rolling and it doesn’t change the structure of the wrappers.

Wonton Wrappers Freezing

These wrappers can be used immediately after rolling. You can stuff them right away and fry with oil to make instant dishes. However, if you are going to make lots of them in one time, you can store them for later uses.

If you don’t know how to stack these wrappers, they might stick to each other after a certain amount of time. So as to solve this problem, don’t forget the benefit of cornstarch. Before stacking a layer, dust the cornstarch between so as to avoid the layers being stuck.

Normally, the wrappers can be stored for 2 to 3 months under favorable conditions. Before using, you shut pull them out of the fridge for a night.

Wonton wrappers are very useful when you want to make foods such as wonton, egg roll or gyoza. That’s the reason why you should know how to do it yourself and store some stacks in your kitchen. Sometimes if you want to have a delicious Chinese cuisine for your family, remember the fried wontons as one of the easiest cuisines with tasty flavors. If you have other questions or want to take a look at Chinese food culture, come to my page and it won’t disappoint you at all.

How to Prepare Deep Fried Wonton?

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Wonton filling

Fried wontons or fried pork dumplings are considered one of the most delicious and easiest dishes of China. The Chinese foods are varied by their locations as well as the beauty in each region’s cultures. Wontons were first made in Guangdong region of China, then spread widely to the whole nations and reached out to the world. This type of dumpling is easy and fun to make as well as brings a colorful and flavorful taste to your mouth from the first bite.

The fried wontons can’t be eaten perfectly without the sauce. There are several types of sauce that can be served with wontons, but the best one is the sweet and sour sauce. In some food courts, you can easily buy the sauce for fried wontons, but that kind of sauce would make your wontons become cloying and even hard to eat. With this homemade sauce, you can see the total differents within both products. That’s the reason why Chinese people still prefer making a sauce for themselves.


In this post, I will show you how to make wontons and how to fry them perfectly as well as the best way to make the sweet and sour sauce.

  1. Preparing The Ingredients

To make wontons, you need to prepare these ingredients:

  • Pork (minced)
  • Barbecue pork
  • Soy sauce
  • Cornstarch
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Wonton wrappers
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt

In order to make the sauce, we need:

  • Brown sugar
  • Vinegar
  • Tomatoes
  • Chitterlings

With these ingredients, make sure that you can buy the freshest and most delicious ingredients since they will decide how good your wontons are going to be. After buying all the ingredients, let’s move on to the next step: making the wontons!

  1. Make The Wontons

  • Making the filling is quite easy since you just have to mix all the components together. The filling consists pork, soybean, cornflour, sugar and sesame oil. You can put all of them in a big bowl so as to mix steadily. However, don’t put too much sugar or oil inside the mixture or else the taste won’t be good anymore.

Wonton filling

  • Once you’ve created a good mixture, fill the bowl with cold water. Then use a wonton wrapper and lay it on the counter. Each wonton needs a half of teaspoon of stuffing. Put it in the middle of the wrapper and gently lift the edges of it. You need to be careful so as not to break the wrapper. After that, seal your wonton with a little water by pressing tightly to the edges to stick them together. Do the same with other wrappers until the mixture inside the bowl is used up.
  • Before putting the wontons into frying pan, you need to pre – heat the oil. It would take you about 30 to 50 seconds to make the oil hot at about 180 degrees celsius. After checking the oil, it’s time to fry the wontons. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, it’s very easy. All you need to do is drop the wontons gently one by one into the frying pan. Remember to watch for the color of the wrappers. Normally, a wonton is fried well when the skin turns to golden brown, and it takes about 1 or 2 minutes. Remember to fry both sides so that the wrapper can be fried evenly and have the best color. Drain all the wontons by putting them on a plate with paper towels underneath to suck all the excessive oil out.
  • Decorate the wontons with some herbs and eat them with sweet and sour sauce. Enjoy!

Note: If you don’t want to use the wonton right away, you can totally save it for later uses if you have a fridge in your kitchen. The wontons can be saved up to 4 weeks in cold and clean environment. All you need to do is using the frozen bag to cover up the plate of uncooked wontons. However, before using the frozen wontons, you should pull it out of the fridge and use the saucepan to boil it first in order to get rid of some bacteria before frying.

  1. Make Sweet and Sour Sauce

  • Use a bowl and pour sugar and vinegar together. Mix them well and leave it aside to prepare other ingredients.

Making wontons

  • Use a saucepan to boil the tomatoes for at least 2 minutes. Then, move it to an ice water bowl and peel the skin of the tomatoes away while they are still cool. Cut them into trunks and leave them there.
  • Pour out most of the oil after finish frying the wontons. The remaining amount of oil should be equivalent to a teaspoon. After that put the tomatoes and the chitterling inside and stir – fry for 2 minutes. Remember to get the heat to medium, not too high. The final step is stirring the brown sugar as well as the vinegar and cook until the mixture turns brown with sour and sweet taste. You can add other flavors such as pepper or chili if you want.
  • Serve it as the additional part of deep – fried wontons dish.

In Chinese food culture, wontons are the cheap and easy – to – make dumplings for the citizens to enjoy anytime in the year. That’s why this food brings with it the beautiful features of Chinese cuisines as well as other interesting flavors from the East. Apart from deep – fried wontons, we have other types of the dish using these dumplings such as wonton soup, steamed wontons. They are all flavorful and tasty. Once you’ve tasted them, you will never forget the food here, just like how much you love China. If you want to have more experiences in traveling in China and enjoying Chinese cuisine, don’t hesitate to have to look at my page about Chinese cuisines. My reviews would be good for you to accumulate more hands – on experiences when you are in China.

How to Make Fried Wontons without Wasting Too Much Time

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Fried wontons for dinner

According to Chinese people, fried wontons are one of the most common and easiest dishes that are often made for the family on special occasions. The delicious accent of this Chinese food can wake up the craving for foods of even people being fastidious about foods and drinks. However, choosing the ingredients and the cooking method have to be precise so as to make the wontons crispy and tasty without being too dry or too greasy.

Wontons are often eaten along or use with types of sauce. Sometimes they are used as a garnish for salads or vegetable dishes.

In this article, I will show you some simple steps that you should know when making wontons for the first time. Remember to take the steps slowly and carefully so as to keep them in mind and don’t have to do things over and over.

Fried wontons for dinner

Choosing The Ingredients

The first thing you have to care about is the wonton wrappers. These wrappers will decide the crispiness and other factors of the fried wontons. That’s why we have to choose the best wonton wrappers to make best wontons before frying them.

There are 2 main ways to have wonton wrappers. If you don’t have time to prepare the wrappers by raw ingredients, you can always buy them at grocery stores or supermarkets near your house since this is a common product. However, the quality of the wrappers such as the thickness of the components can’t be as good as you want. Therefore, if you have time in the kitchen (weekends maybe), you should make the wrappers yourself.

To make wonton wrappers, we are going to need flour, eggs, salt, and water. Use your hands to for a mixture of those ingredients. Don’t worry if you can’t decide the right ratio to make the wrappers thick and good enough. It is still good to make wontons and you can try other times.

After preparing the wonton wrappers, we should have the oil for frying. There are plenty of choices for you do put into consideration, but I strongly suggest using the corn oil to fry the wontons. It would be the best type of oil because it can make the wontons look yellow and crispy.

Now let’s get started and cook fried wontons together!

Step by Step For Great Dish

  • First of all, the oil must be heating by pouring in the pan and use the fire to warm it up. Normally, the oil will be heated well under the temperatures more than 160-degree When the pan is heated as well as the oil inside, there would be small smoke and oil bubbles on the surface of the oil.

Making Deep - fried wontons

  • After preheating the oil, it’s time to fry the wontons. The wonton should be made and sealed carefully before frying so as not to break the inside as well as make them cooked well both sides. Drop the wontons gently into the oil, don’t drop it too high or else the oil would be split Don’t fry for too long, the shell of the wontons might be dry and tough. Fry them until you see the golden brown color on both sides
  • Drain the wontons so as to remove the excessive amount of oil out of your dish. You can place them on a paper towel so the oil can be drained off faster. The wontons would continue to cook themselves for a short period of time after removing from the pan, so don’t worry if you take them out a little sooner. After draining, place them on a clean plate and serve with sauce. They can be eaten hot or cool depend on your favor.

Take Attentions

While making wontons, there are some notes that you should keep in mind so as to make your wontons more beautiful and tastier. You should pay attention to these small tips and tricks because making wontons are very easy, but making really good ones is not easy at all.

  • If you can’t make wonton wrappers in time, you can make it from the night before and keep them frozen. The wrappers can be stored in stacks and kept in the fridge without worrying stacking or being ruined. All you need to do is adding cornstarch between layers so as to avoid them being stacked and stuck to each other.

Wonton dipping sauce

  • The best size for wonton wrappers is 15” x 10”. The pieces would be enough to eat, not too big or too small. There are many shapes for you to choose from, but the best one is a rectangle. It would be easier for you to wrap the filling inside without breaking the wrapper.
  • When frying the wontons, try to flip the sides occasionally so as to cook both sides. Don’t go anywhere for too long since you don’t want them to be overcooked. The key to making best wontons is controlling the heat and the time.
  • Knowing the oil temperature can help you estimating the frying time when making wontons. Basically, this step would be more than thirty seconds, maybe longer depending on the amount of oil and its temperature.
  • There are many types of sauce to eat with fried wontons, you should know at least two of them to change the flavors as well as make your dish tastier. In fact, if you don’t know how to make wonton sauce, you can eat them alone or use catch – up or chili sauce instead. However, using Chinese recipes for sauce are the best to feel total Chinese flavor.

Fried wonton is one of the best dishes in China. It represents the Chinese cuisine culture as well as the way Chinese people do with simple ingredients and recipes. In fact, if you want to discover more foods like this, please pay a visit to our site about Chinese street foods and traditional foods. You can indulge in the world of real culinary once entering our site. Enjoy!

Fried Wontons – Best Chinese Appetizer

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Deep - fried wontons

Mentioning about fried wontons, the first thing that comes to my mind is the crunchy and crispy dumpling with delicious dipping sauce for the Sunday evenings. This type of Chinese dumpling is often used to welcome guests coming to your house as the appetizer – one of the first dish for them to feel good and warm after coming to your accommodation. Dinner parties need these small dumplings to be the first note of the song. There’s no doubt about its popularity in both Western and Eastern parties.

Many people think that wonton can only be used to make soup and other dishes which have water and dumplings, however, these fried wontons would make you think again since it’s also a very suitable cooking method for this type of food. You can’t resist the attraction of the fried wontons since biting once.

Wonton filling

The filling of the wontons can be made with various types of meat and seafood according to your creativity. However, when mentioning about traditional fried wontons, we often know 2 types of traditional filling using shrimp and pork. Especially, Cantonese often interested in pork – filled wontons which are made very thin and include less about of meat inside. Both of these wontons can be fried and because of the filling, the products will have different flavors as well as crunchiness levels.

Basically, anyone can make wontons since it’s very easy to do. You just need pork and other types of additional ingredients to make the filling inside the wontons and cover with the wonton wrappers. Even vegetarians can eat wontons if you make them without meat and turn it into the vegan version of wontons.

With people who eat wontons regularly, a person who makes delicious wontons is the one who can understand fully about the shape of his or her products. Wonton folding is very hard and it represents the skill in cooking and making wonton of a cook. If you don’t have special technique as other chefs, you can learn from them with various style in making wontons. Not only the shape but the style of the filling can be modified, too. That’s the way you bring surprise to your family members with just a little change in my cooking.

Deep - fried wontons

There are many types of sauce that can be eaten with the fried wontons such as sweet and sour sauce, normal sauce, but I’ve heard about dipping sauce. Therefore. You should know something about this type of sauce. In this article, I really want to admire the handy actions of a chief in frying wontons and make the dipping sauce.

Before coming to the main content we will learn how to make the sauce first:

  1. How to Make Dipping Sauce?

Don’t underestimate the power of the sauce since it is the additional flavor of the dumplings. In fact, there is a plenty of sauce type that you can choose according to your favorite flavors. In this list, I will introduce the most common types of dipping sauce that are voted by people who love eating wontons.

  • To make Apricot Dipping Sauce, we need to prepare some ingredients such as apricot jam, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar. You should use more than 2 tablespoons of apricot jam to make them sauce more flavorful.
  • Honey Sriracha Dipping Sauce needs fewer ingredients, just 2 tablespoons of honey and the same amount of Sriracha. However, this type of sauce is not often used widely.
  • The best one in my list is the Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce. Since this is my favorite one, I want to show you some more details about this sauce. In order to make this, you need to prepare the amount of light soy sauce equals to one and a half tablespoons, then mix it with 1 tablespoon of sugar dissolved in the same amount of hot water. If you have the Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoon of it can add an interesting taste to your sauce. Last but not least, half teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds can be added to the mixture.
  1. How to Make Fried Wontons?

Making the filling of wontons doesn’t require many techniques. All you need to do is mix the ground pork with another ingredient such as soy sauce, sesame oil, wine, sugar, scallions and other spices in a big bowl. You should use your hand so as to mix things together easily.

Wonton as appetizer

After mixing all the ingredients to form a bowl of filling, you can move on to the next step. Take a wonton wrapper and add the filling in the center. Make sure that you don’t overstuff the filling since it might be broken when frying and make all things messy. Then use your finger to gently coat the filling by pulling the edges of the wrapper. Seal the wrapper by using a little water. You can fold the wontons in different shapes.

Basically, there are two shapes of fried wontons you can try, however, if you are not the one who is light – fingered, sealing the wontons firmly is alright. In fact, you can focus on the frying step so as to make your wontons crispy and crunchy.

You need to heat the oil in a pan before frying the wontons. When frying, remember to flip the sides so as to achieve the best products with a golden brown coating on both sides. Remember to remove the excessive amount of oil out of your wontons by placing them on the paper towels for a certain amount of time.

Serving the wontons on a plate with your favorite type of sauce so as to have an outstanding type of Chinese appetizer. If you don’t want to use them right away, you can store all the uncooked wontons in the fridge, but make sure you remember to boil them lightly before frying to get rid of some harmful bacteria. Using this type of dumpling to start your evening dinners right tonight!

Chinese Dumpling – Fried Wontons and How to Fold Them Perfectly

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Thai fried wontons

Chinese cooking requires more hand skills than other cooking methods, especially when making dumplings. Fried wonton is one of the hardest ones since you need to fold them carefully and make the wontons sealed perfectly before frying. In this post, I will show you some of my favorite wonton folding techniques so that you can dazzle your family and friends with your perfect hand skills.

In fact, if you know more than 1 way to fold the wontons, you can absolutely modify your wontons and make them tastier since the way you fold wontons affect the quality of your products. Before practicing, make sure you have prepared enough filling as well as bought enough wonton wrappers to fold all of them.

Fried wontons

Now let’s get started with some small tips and tricks before going to the main part.

Tips and Tricks When Folding Wontons

  • Don’t uncover the wrappers under wrap: while wrapping, you should keep the wrappers covered. You should prepare tea towels to cover up the completed wontons as well as unused wrappers. In some cookbooks, people are advised to lay the wrappers out on a baking sheet, then put the filling in the middle of the wrapper and fold it. This might be similar to the way we bake. However, it is such a bad way to wrap wontons because of several reasons. First of all, the wrappers dry very quick. That’s the reason why you have to keep the moist right after unpacking. Secondly, you can only use one wrapper at a time so it would not be good for the others if you lay all of them out. That would make the quality of later wontons be worsened. The wrappers should be kept moist all the time even with the completed wontons.
  • The size of filling: Big wontons aren’t your goal. The wontons you need are the one with the proper amount of filling inside the skin. Don’t try to put too much filling inside since the wrapper can’t hold all of it inside. In addition, when boiling or frying wontons, the seal can’t be strong enough to hold too much filling inside. That’s the reason why we should only put a considerate amount of filling so as to ensure the products to be firm and tasty. According to my experience, the best amount of filling inside a wonton is about 1 teaspoon heap. Don’t try to stuff more inside.

Wonton Folding Styles

In fact, China is not the only country which has wonton, but it is definitely the hometown of it. That’s the reason why we should get started from the traditional one and move on to other styles. I hope with these instructions; you can fold it easily without making any troubles. If you can’t understand anything, you can search for folding videos on YouTube and mimic the steps. Don’t hurry, you are practicing.

  • Wonton ravioli: This style is quite simple, even for You use 2 pieces of wrappers for this folding style so you should prepare enough wrappers to use for all the amount of filling. First of all, put 2 pieces of wrappers on a clean cutting board so that the edges don’t meet each other. Then put the filling in the middle press gently on the top to remove air inside. Finally, use water to seal the wonton edges. You won’t want any air inside your wontons because when frying, the air will expand and burst out.

Wonton folding

  • Samosa style: This is the best style for deep frying since the edges will be crispy and crunchy as we fry the wontons. To fold the wonton, place a wrapper on a cutting board, then place the filling in the middle. The next part you need to do is pick a corner up and fold the wrapper in half to form a triangle and finally seal the wonton by pressing the edges. You can fold it with your hands if you can control the wrappers, it would be faster.
  • Twisting samosa style: Similar to traditional samosa style, you have to fold the wrapper to form a triangle, but after that, remember to hold the opposite sides of the triangle and put them together. The middle will be sealed tightly and form a twist at the end. This might be quite difficult at first, but the result would be really worth trying.

Thai fried wontons

  • Taiwan style: as I mentioned, China is not the only country that has wontons. Other Asian countries have their own style in folding and cooking this type of dumpling, so I want to introduce you to one of them. If you want to fold your wontons Taiwan style, you should practice harder since it’s such a challenging task for people who haven’t folded wontons before. To do this style, you put a wrapper on the cutting board as usual, then place the filling in the middle. Then, try to form a narrow rectangular shape with your filling. After that, fold the corner over the filling and fold again to cover it completely. Don’t forget to remove all the air inside while folding. Leave a corner free and flatten the wrapper ends. Use the water to seal after pulling the corners together and pressing to remove the remaining air once again. You should look for a guide for this folding style and watch more videos to find out how to make the best Taiwan style wontons.

Folding wontons is very fun, especially when you make them with your family members. It’s such a good way to teach your kids how to cook as well as cement the family relationship. It’s also the meaning of cooking together in special occasions in China and other countries in Asia. In fact, there are more than 10 styles of wonton folding that you can find out later if you want to. Enjoy making and eating these cute and tasty dumplings!